Sunday, March 6, 2011

Palin Talks Tough on D.C. Changes Needed Now

Gov. Palin on Fox News:
Justice with Judge Jeanine
Last night on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Governor Palin talked tough on D.C. changes needed now, gas prices and foreign policy.

When asked if the Wisconsin lawmakers should they be fired for “running and hiding” from a vote on an anti-union bill, Palin said, “Yeah they absolutely should be fired, they should be recalled. They’ve retreated; they’re not doing their job. Wisconsin Governor [Scott Walker] is doing all that he can to allow his state to be solvent and he certainly isn’t getting any help from the democrats.”

Judge Jeanine mentioned some in the Tea Party are willing to risk a government shutdown if their compromise with the federal budget isn’t met. Palin responded, “I’m not buying into all the rhetoric that we have to result in a government shutdown. We bring in 7 billion dollars a day, if we took that 7 billion dollars a day and fund the essentials, service our debt, those things coming first as our highest priority then this whole budget discussion doesn’t have to lead to a government shutdown.”

On Gas Prices:

“Drill here, drill now and the Obama anti-oil agenda has got to be stopped, he needs to realize that back in 08’ our US crude was also traded at about 100 dollars a barrel as it is today, for about 6 months and that was right before our world economy imploded and now here we are back again, his timing, his destructive timing of locking up 97% of our offshore and not allowing ANWR to be touched, not allowing domestic drilling to take place, to the degree that it should; it is terrifying where he is leading us in the terms of being reliant of foreign regimes that would seek our demise to produce energy for us.”

On Foreign Aid to Israel:

“When it comes to Israel, I stand strong with Israel and unapologetically I say that America should keep this strong democratic ally that we have there in the Middle East and allow for protection around Israel.”

H/T SarahNET

H/T SarahNET


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