Friday, March 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: At Your Service

Will Sarah Palin run for the presidency in 2012? It’s the question of the day.
Yes, no, maybe so, and the ever so infamous: “She won’t because she wouldn’t want to give up what she has now.” Every political strategist and just about every stranger on the street has an opinion.
Let’s take a look at that last analysis. What does she have now? Essentially: flexibility and a megaphone.
She doesn’t have to attend the speaking engagements or TV appearances of which she’s invited. She can write a Facebook note or Twitter a comment and for a concise moment the political world comes to a screeching halt to hear what she has to say.
There’s only one small problem with these circumstances…Everyday of Sarah Palin’s life she’s strived to achieve more than the previous day. She is wholeheartedly determined to better the world around her. With that being said, I’d say she’s just about finished with being plain ole’ Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin.
There is one more comment I would like to address: “There’s no way she’s running, a Governor would never step down if they considered running for the presidency in the future.” Here’s my response… Sarah doesn’t plan by primarily considering her own political future or clout.
The elites would laugh at that statement. But why? What’s so amusing about a politician that doesn’t plan for their own political good? It may seem unethical to some, perhaps unparalleled to others but it’s the Palin way of doing things.
The Palin way of doing things knows no “I” or “me”. Just take a look at her selfless political past. She puts the interest of the people she’s serving first and foremost.
If I had a penny for every time Sarah Palin was pronounced politically dead, my piggy bank would be filled to the brim. Her ethics may seem hasty to political strategists, to her colleagues, possibly even to her advisers.
Sarah Palin is America. She is your hardworking neighbor who leaves his house at 6am and returns at 8pm. She is your patriotic son or daughter who yearns for a successful future. She is your mother who loves inconceivably, who hopes for her children and grandchildren. Sarah Palin lives, loves and breathes America and everything we are.
I realize not one single person [on earth] has all the answers but if you long for a leader with God-given gut instinct, concrete personal inner strength, modest humility, and pure love for country; she’s your gal.


  1. Great job, ms. Sessler. ;-)

  2. Jelayne. You are wise beyond your years. Young folks like you give us oldtimers hope. Thanks.
    Steve B.