Thursday, May 26, 2011


With enhanced speculation that Gov. Sarah Palin is considering a 2012 presidential run, today the former Alaska Governor announced a multi-city bus tour.

The "One Nation Tour," will make stops along various historical sites on the East Coast "that were key to the formation, survival and growth of the United States of America," a Palin source told CNN.

Gov. Palin will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend on a journey of the Northeast aboard a patriotic bus adorned with the words: “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty & Justice For All."

The expedition will begin in our nation’s capital after she joins a quarter-million motorcycles in the Rolling Thunder event to support the troops.


Our nation is at a critical turning point. As we look to the future, we are propelled by America's past. It's imperative that we connect with our founders, our patriots, our challenges and victories to clearly see our way forward. A good way to do this is to appreciate the significance of our nation's historic sites, patriotic events and diverse cultures, which we'll do in the coming weeks on our "One Nation" tour.

We'll celebrate the good things that bring Americans together; those things that will give us the needed strength to meet the heady challenges ahead. I’ve said many times that America doesn’t need a "fundamental transformation," instead we need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America! So, together let’s prepare ourselves for the days ahead by reminding ourselves who we are and what Americans stand for.

We'll celebrate the meaning of our nation's blueprints, our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which are the threads that weave our past into the fabric necessary for the survival of American exceptionalism. Our founders declared "we were born the heirs of freedom", and despite our difficulties and disagreements, we remain one nation under God in freedom, indivisible. Through visits to historical sites and patriotic events, we'll share the importance of America's foundation.

We encourage you to support the pro-America events we'll be privileged to participate in during these coming weeks. Discover the ties that bind Americans, our history, our traditions, and the exceptional nature of our country!

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-- Sarah Palin


  1. Seeing that 80% of eastern Tennessee Can't Waite for Sarah to step into the race I Hope She Doesn't by pass us!Lose East Tenn.She'll lose the state!Don't be a fool and walk away from Red Neck Ally."God and Country"!2nd amendment Lovers!100 mile radius of Bristol will
    clang the Bell.Western Tennessee will buy Sarah,Nothing.Play to your Base.Buy the way Dinkiedow is in Greeneville.#1 Red Neck Supporter.Take that to the bank!

  2. I'm with you Sarah!!!We've had a black president, now it is time we had a woman president and show them how it is done. I really do believe in what you are doing and my vote is with you.

  3. Is Sarah like Deborah (queen bee) in the Book of Judges (Jud. 4:4). Who incidentally gave orders to a wimpy man named "Barak". Fascinating similarities.