Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Open Letter to Governor Palin

Guest submission by: Anonymous
Dear Sarah,

I write this letter from the ultra-liberal, government owned and occupied state of New York.  I am deeply saddened about your decision to not run for president in the 2012 election cycle.  While I respect your decision and reasons for declining to run at this time, I beg you to reconsider.  

Please know that this is not mere idol worship on my part.  I am a cynical conservative from New York.  I have studied your record as Mayor of Wasilla, Commissioner of Oil and Gas, Governor of Alaska, VP candidate in 2008 and campaigner in the 2010 elections.  From studying your 20+ year political career, I know that you are a real deal reformer and exactly what America needs right now.

While I have a strong faith in God and engage in private prayer on occasion, I’m not exactly what you would call “church going folk.”  However, I want you to know that before your decision, I made it over to my local church—St. John the Baptist—dipped my fingers in the Holy Water, made the sign of the cross, got down on bended knees and prayed that God would urge you to run.  I did the same shortly after your decision and asked Him to make you reconsider.

I watched “The Undefeated” last night for the third time.  There was a part in the film that inspired me to write this letter.  It was around the time of great tumult for Alaska. Rick Halford urged you to run for Governor.  He reminded you about the biblical story of David and the Five Stones.   He said, “You have the Five Stones.  You have the right positions on ethics. On energy. On governments appropriate role.  You’re different—Alaska needs something different.  And while you won’t have the establishment support,  Alaska needs change and you should run for Governor.”

Well Sarah, I’m writing today to say—you STILL have the Five Stones.  Those stones that Halford spoke to you about that applied to Alaska, now apply to our great country.  This country is in serious trouble.  Like Alaska needed you back then, America needs you now.   After four years of Barack Obama, America needs serious change and serious reform.

I am sure that you are aware of an online movement on Facebook called “Sarah Palin’s Earthquake.”  It is a gathering of thousands of like-minded supporters—like me—who are not idol worshiping, but have studied your record and accomplishments and know that you are the right person for the job.  In short, we want you to reconsider.   If you decline, please know that the majority of us understand and we will continue to support you and your quest to re-take the Senate and saving the House in 2012.



  1. I am taking RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes to convert to Catholicism, and last night we were talking about who Jesus was. We learned people could see he was gifted and special, that people were drawn to him because of these traits. The whole time I was thinking how this same description applies to Sarah Palin. Not that I'm suggesting she's Jesus or even like Jesus...no. But like Jesus, she was called for a higher purpose, and people are drawn to her for her strength and goodness and commitment to our country.

    I respect and accept Sarah Palin's decision. I was hoping God would have given her a different message, but apparently He didn't. The problem is, I don't see anyone else who can fill our country's need right now, with the possible exception of Herman Cain. I still have faith we will find someone.

    I received my copy of The Undefeated the day she announced her decision. I haven't watched it yet; it's too soon.

  2. @jelaynesessler. These are my words--exactly! Were she to run as 3rd party, I would HAVE to vote for her, something I never ever would've thought possible.

    @Kitty. Same happened to me, received my DVD the day she announced. I have watched it, took me 3-days...if you read Going Rogue, it pretty much follows that.