Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Does Governor Palin Owe You?

Guest commentary by C4P's "Don B" reprinted in it's entirety with permission:

This dear woman, Sarah Palin, has dedicated her life to doing what is right by the people of her state and this great country.  And for it, she has been forced from a job she dearly loved and faced bankruptcy, her family has been dragged through hell, and her parents sleep with a gun under the bed. She and her beloved husband have been accused of adultery. She has been accused of murder.  She has been accused of not being the mother of a child that was sent from God as a sign of his love for her. And through it all, she has never once shown an ounce of regret, and she has borne it all with a smile and a fierce determination to continue to do what is right. 
She changed the health care debate with two words.  She has brought the battle directly to Obama's door with her tweets and facebook posts.  She has traveled tirelessly across this great land and around the world bringing a message of hope, encouragement and conservatism to those of us who wonder if there is any way out of the mess we're in.  She has campaigned for those who had the courage to step up and meet the call, and was largely responsible for the greatest electoral Republican victory in decades.  She has changed the focus from distinct party lines to a battle of We the People against corporate crony capitalism.  She has done all that and much more because she loves this country, and the people.  She has done it because she loves you.  She has already done more than any of us could rightfully ask, and she's done it without asking anything in return. She owes us nothing. It is we who owe her. 
And now, NOW, some of you find it incomprehensible that she isn't doing what you want her to do, when you want her to do it.  Now some of you want her to go back to Alaska and ride her snowmobile.  Now you want to abandon her, all because you think YOU have sacrificed so much by supporting her for a presidential run she has never promised you she would make.  Now you hold her to a time line of your own choosing, forgetting that any date given by her was never set in stone, but simply a date by which the process must be underway.  You don't know what she is doing, what she is working on, or what she is thinking.  But you certainly do know that whatever it is, you know better and would do it differently and without question so much better. 
Before you get on your high horse and ride away, consider what she has to decide to do in order to prove her love for you in a way you find acceptable, and what you are asking her to do in order for her to meet your standards and your demands.  Consider that knowing she and her family are the direct target of some of the most hateful, deranged and sick people the left has to offer, she must decide to put her family in harm's way to do what is right for her country. For you. 
Sarah has incredible courage, but she also has others she is responsible for, who depend on her.  Would having a Palin child, or a parent, assaulted or killed be proof enough?  Would having Sarah herself shot at, wounded or killed be proof enough?  These are things that she must consider, and about which I'm sure she spends time on her knees asking God for guidance and protection. 
If you feel you have sacrificed more for her than she has for you, then by all means hop on your horse and be gone.  Just don't leave thinking she owes you something.


  1. Great commentary!Keep fighting the good fight for Governor Palin!

  2. she's running. she has the best poker face anyone I have ever seen. If you go back and watch this see that she is guarded, primed and pokerfaced. She show a tidbit of her fighting hackles. :) She knows its her time, Todd knows its her time. She is making a hard decision. Its not just about us but about her children. She is a Mother and her decisions in life do not come with disregard to her family.

    I have faith as well as know whatever she does she will AFFECT the outcome of this 2012 Presidential race. She is already in the history books.

    She also told Greta, See you soon Greta.

  3. I agree that she's already running and think the only thing she's now considering is WHEN to jump in.

  4. Excellent article! I agree, how dare somebody get aggravated or stop supporting her because she is not conforming to the ideas of others. As if others are experts.... Trust this lady, she knows what she is doing, and if she decides not to run, I will be disappointed of course, but will understand and respect her decision!

  5. Your article was great.Sarah has done more than any one person should be expected to do. Sarah is a gift from God and God is giving her the strength. There is no on on the GOP that comes close to Sarah.I truly believe she is meant to run. God didn't take her this far for her to stop now. She is the only one who will be able to stop Obama. If Romney of Perry win we will lose.If Obama takes this country for another four years America will be lost. We already have 23 judges who allow things to be turned over to sharia Law.Sarah is the female version of Ronald Reagan. It was like when Christie was asked to speak at Ronald Regan Library. The first thing I thought was he is nothing like Reagan, nothing.Why was he pick it was to rub it into Sarah's face. Christie is not far from Obama. He had no problem being cosy with him at the Chinese dinner. Obama gave them the treatment like they were our top friend we were try to impress.Regan would have never given this kind of treatment to people who despise us. They were played the Chinese victory hymn on the piano by a Chinese lady.It is not something that is done. They were sending Sarah the message that night.I believe if we do things right Sarah can be our pick for president.She has watch every move Obama has made and let him know she was watching him. Obama can not handle someone who can possible beat him. Before the presidential election he made sure he was the only one on the ballot.Sarah makes he come unglued.We need Sarah to win the election.He can not handle the thought of someone who can beat him running against him. He will come unglued. I believe different than a lot of others. I believe that Obama does not have the education they pretend he has. Obama did not exist until about 10 to 15 years ago if that long. I believe John McCain is the only one who could have really questioned him. I not talking about his birth certificate. Obama also lied too much. Like when he talks about Selma and tells the people he has a connection to Selma because of his mother and father marched and he was probably conceived because of it. Problem is he was born four years before Martin Luther King's March. Obama has not only insulted the white people of this country. He has taken the blacks in this country for a bunch of fools.