Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Perry Proves the People Want Palin

Texas Governor Rick Perry jumped into the 2012 presidential race on August 13th, and to the surprise of many – Perry immediately surged in the polls becoming the new GOP front-runner.

The surge was questionable but after five surveys conducted since Perry announced his presidential bid — each showed Perry having vaulted into a lead over Governor Mitt Romney by 26 percent of the vote, as compared to Romney's 16 percent.

Perry and Romney have been duking it out on stage for the past three GOP debates. 

Perry won the first game by throwing plenty of heat and Romney conquered the second with finesse pitches and lots of help on offense from other GOP players. 
The third debate took place this evening in Orlando, Florida hosted by Fox News. The debate was played to be the "tie-breaker" of the three and the victor was undoubtedly Mitt Romney. 

Perry was forced to answer some tough questions on immigration – his response clearly failed to resonate with the booing crowd. 

My question is: What does Governor Perry’s initial surge in polling reveal? 

It proves people are hungry for someone whom they hope is “The Real Deal” – the Tea Party candidate who isn't a member of the “status quo”, isn't a typical Washington “politico”, who isn't afraid to talk tough and directly take on Obama and his administration, and most importantly – they are in search of a candidate who they believe can win not only the nomination but who can ultimately defeat President Barack Obama.

Bottom line, folks were disappointed this evening. The Tea Party candidate/ non-politico they painted Rick Perry out to be, turned out to be more of the same. 

And so, the question remains: Who’s left to ride in on that white horse and fill the shoes of that true conservative the American people are yearning for? Sarah Palin. 

By the looks of things, she's played her cards just right – she's sat back long enough to let Perry and Romney hash it out on stage and now the “so called” front-runners are exposed for who they really are. 

Palin’s timing could very well be impeccable; maybe it’s time for her to jump in and fill that true Tea Party candidate void America is pleading for.


  1. Her announcement will be a deafing noise in the political arena. There are no hearing aids that can help these cronies and liberals if this happens.

  2. I agree once she steps in both parties will be freaking out ...I envision a lot of stutters... and disbelief. It'll def be a shock n awe moment. LOL