Friday, July 1, 2011

Sarah Palin Is "The Undefeated"

Last night I had the privilege to see a rough cut of "The Undefeated", soon to be released in select theaters on July 15th. 

The courage, confidence and convictions of Sarah Palin are distinctively captured in this documentary.

Without any doubt in mind, the film made me come to one certain conclusion: Sarah Palin will seek the presidency in 2012.

"The Undefeated" brilliantly captivates one remarkable truth; Sarah Palin has always ran towards the fire.

Here are a few comments from supporters who viewed the film:
“The film highlights the accomplishments of Sarah Palin as a public servant. Her outstanding performance as CEO of a state with vast resources is conveyed by highlighting her accomplishments in the management of these resources for the greatest benefit of the citizens of Alaska.” –Josh Inge, Fort Worth, Texas
“I’ve always liked Sarah but I was unaware of many of her accomplishments as a public servant. I was completely blown away by the spirit in her that makes her so driven, so hard-working and yet at the same time, completely selfless.” –Juanita Hines, Rhome, Texas
“During the 2008 election I did not care for Sarah Palin. As I look back I do believe the media played a huge part in my feelings towards her. Over the past year I have been intrigued by her, so I started doing my homework. I wish everyone in America would see this film. Her record of accomplishments will blow you away, and her word is good.” –Nicole Smith, Southlake, Texas
The film will be released in select theaters on July 15th. Call everyone you know and invite them to see the film, you will not be disappointed.

In the words of Governor Palin: "Game on, Mr. President!"

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