Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Woman of "True Grit"

One of my favorite western movies of all time is a film called, "True Grit." For those of you who are familiar with the film, you are probably thinking I am a fan of this movie for the audacious character played by John Wayne.

And you'd be wrong.

I'm a fan of this movie because of the character played by a young girl named Maddie Ross. Fourteen-year-old Maddie Ross joins an aging U.S. marshal named Rooster and a Texas Ranger named Le Beouf, in tracking her father's killer—Tom Chaney, into hostile Indian territory.

It takes some convincing but Maddie Ross is able to persuade Rooster to join them in their expedition—or so she perceives.

The two men and little lady agree to meet early in the morning to begin their long journey. Upon Maddie’s arrival, she discovers Rooster had already hit the trail with his sidekick Le Beouf.

But that didn’t stop Maddie Ross.

Maddie jumps on her horse and hits the trail. She catches up with the men where all that separates the three is a river and a ferry attendant.

Rooster instructs the ferry attendant to walk Maddie and her horse back to town. Maddie cleverly breaks away—knowing the ferry attendant wouldn’t tend to her. She then prods the horse in the side prompting him to forge the river.

Rooster and Le Beouf watch slack jawed.

Maddie efficaciously crosses the river and makes it to the other side.

By then, the men comprehend the fortitude of the young woman and eventually agree to her accompanying them on the unyielding expedition.

I enjoy this film because it stirs something in me. A desire to make a difference and resolutely achieve something I may have previously thought was impossible.

And the same goes for Sarah Palin.

When I hear Sarah Palin speak or when I think of all she has accomplished despite her detractors, naysayers, enemies and ordinary road blocks; it ignites a passion in me.

Sarah Palin has such an unswerving love and respect for America unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She has such a desire not only to reveal the actuality of the state of our union but to do something about it.

Sarah Palin has the fire in the belly to hunt down, call out and reprimand the man responsible for harming the country she loves—and I gallantly join her in the strenuous journey.


  1. Very nicely written article.

    There are some women with a strength of character and strong determination that smart men hesitate to confront and will follow with the courage of conviction.

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