Thursday, July 14, 2011

"The Undefeated": Opening Tomorrow

It's crunch time! We have 24 hours to do all that we can do to get everyone we can to attend the premiere of this epic film.

America is at a crossroads; I truly believe we are at a 'make it or break it'. We don't have time to play games and once you see "The Undefeated" you will come to one certain conclusion: Sarah Palin doesn't play games.

SUCCESS of this film is CRUCIAL to the road to the White House--should Governor Palin seek the presidency in 2012.

Post “The Undefeated” page on your Facebook, purchase tickets, get a large group together to attend opening night, VOTE to have the movie come to a theater near you, follow "The Undefeated" on Twitter and tell EVERYONE you know to go see it!

Your fellow constituents DESERVE to see this film and Gov. Palin's outstanding record DESERVES to be highlighted!

In the words of Gov. Palin: "GAME ON!"

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