Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bristol Palin on President Palin: "She Would Be A Wonderful President"

Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin will run for president if daughter, Bristol has anything to do with it.
In an interview that aired Monday on the E! Bristol Palin said she thinks her mom “would be a wonderful president.”
“I still think she should run,” she said. “She’s just so common-sense conservative... just, ‘Here’s what we’ve got to do and this is how we’re going to do it.’”
Sarah Palin told The New York Times:“I’m engaged in the internal deliberations [for a presidential bid] candidly, and having that discussion with my family, because my family is the most important consideration here.”
Well, Sarah it seems your cub has got your back, should you make a run for it.
Bristol went on to say: “I feel like for every one or two haters out there, there are 20 more people that support us,” Bristol told E! “So, it doesn't really affect me when people say negative things about me or my family, but I just really hope that nobody else has to go through that.”
You've got that right, Bristol. I believe the Palin support base is larger than anyone could ever imagine. Only time can prove me right and the clock is ticking...


  1. Palin 2012. Love the blog!!

  2. Time will prove thee correcto!

  3. Bristol is right, there are far more people that love Sarah than hate her