Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Does Not Raise a Mallet to Crush an Ant

The "Lamestream" Media, the spiteful Left, and the faithful Obama Kool-Aid drinkers have relentlessly attempted to besmirch the name:  Sarah Palin. 

At first, it was an attempt to discredit the opposition. But why must the beat go on? They couldn't possibly continue to see her as a threat, could they? After all, according to these "experts" she's just a brainless, unaccomplished nobody.

Below are a few excerpts from an article written by David Solway at Pajamas Media:
"Let me begin with a paradox. The more Sarah Palin seems unelectable, the more electable she may actually be. The media blitzkrieg launched against Palin may be interpreted not as a sign of her unfitness for office but precisely as a measure of her eligibility. Palin’s electability can be reckoned as an inverse function of the virulent campaign intent on her delegitimation. The greater the fury she is met with, the greater the likelihood that she poses a genuine threat. One does not raise a mallet to crush an ant.

We are told that Palin’s “national negatives” are too high for her to be regarded as a viable candidate. But this is to forget that such “negatives” are mainly the result of a coordinated media assault whose effect can be mitigated with time, intelligent pushback and increased exposure on the ground. Presence can counter image and word of mouth can triumph over print. Negatives can be neutralized and even turned into positives. Harry Truman’s whistle-stop tour through the American heartland enabled him to upstage a heavily-favored Tom Dewey in 1948. The cries of “Give ‘em Hell, Harry,” which became his campaign theme, can translate in the present context as “Give ‘em Hell, Sarah,” if she takes her show on the road.

We are also told that Palin has polarized the nation, which is the fiction the media wants us to accept. The truth is that America has been unraveling since the ’60s and that Obama, not Palin, has even further divided the nation, so much so that America has come to resemble not a single, unified country but two or more countries in a state of internecine conflict. It is Obama, the putative redeemer of his nation and the great healer, who, through both his agenda and his failings, has brought his nation to the very brink.

The enemy goes by the name of the Democratic Party of America, cosmetically liberal or “progressivist” in its self-definition but inherently socialist in its subtabular project. It is redistributionist in its economics, transnational in its foreign policy and Islamic in its sympathies. It shares a profound solidarity with an anachronistic trade unionist movement, works diligently against the entrepreneurial sector, pursues an extensive entitlement program at the expense of the country’s future solvency, accumulates unpayable debt, prints imaginary money and is corrosively skeptical of its own armed forces, gradually ceding the geopolitical field to America’s fervid antagonists. It is persistently re-interpreting the bedrock Constitution to weaken its binding force and is guilty of rampant electoral corruption. It sees the nation as a private fiefdom that it intends to control in perpetuity.

The good news is that it may not be too late. With the plausible assumption that Obama will ultimately reveal himself as the “throwback kid,” recycling a hoary and bankrupt Marxist archetype regardless of his histrionic attempts at a faux centrism; with the media behaving as Obama’s dutiful caddies and discrediting themselves by the day; with the Tea Party acting as America’s reinvigorated conscience; and if Palin maintains her visibility as simply who she is, America may — just may — experience the shock of memory, recall its former glories, embark upon its painstaking restoration and, at the same time, find itself with its first female president. A long shot? Maybe, maybe not."
If she truly has no chance of defeating Obama in 2012, why not dedicate all their time and resources to defame Republican candidates who can?


  1. Romney who? Huckabee who?

  2. Sarah is the lefts boogyman,they never know when or where she'll strike.Just the thought of her name makes them shrill.So watch out loonies she might be behind that door.Boo She's everywhere in the minds of all her supporters and Obama couldn't Draw that many With A Pencil!