Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Years Ago Today My Life Changed

Meeting my hero, Governor Sarah Palin at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas
On this very day just 3 short years ago, my life was forever changed…

Many of you know me as a political junkie. To some of you I am a “ghostwriter” who happens to share some common interests with you. And perhaps to others, I am a stranger that you’ve never met, yet in some strange way, you feel as though we are friends.

I am no one special. I haven’t accomplished much, but I am an American. I am a proud American. I love my country in good times and in bad and I will never apologize for America.

To much of your surprise, I wasn’t always a “Rush Baby” – although, I may have been in my mother’s womb when I first started listening to Rush Limbaugh, that doesn’t mean I was born an informed American.

Actually, quite the contrary. I loathed talk radio. I never listened to the news. Embarrassingly, I had never voted before – a matter I now consider my duty as an American.

So what changed? August 29, 2008.

I’ll never forget walking through the living room as my mother had the television on, sitting there watching the news. Some gal had just stepped on the stage and began a speech. She was surrounded by her beautiful family and an enthusiastic crowd. I was literally stopped in my tracks. I stood there and listened for a moment and eventually sat down and continued to take it all in.

Looking back I’m sure it shocked my mom that I actually sat and watched something related to politics and/or the news…

I asked mom, “Who is that?” She replied, “That’s the Republican nominee’s vice presidential pick.” I replied, “A woman?” She said, “Yes, isn’t that fantastic? It’s a surprise but this is great.”

I paused. I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t know much of anything about politics at that time. All I knew was, I couldn’t stop listening to what this gal named Palin had to say.

At the time, I was living alone nearly 1,200 miles away from my family and Sarah Palin quickly part of my family. From that day on, I found myself jumping out of bed every morning, turning on the news, awaiting the next appearance by Governor Palin.

November 4, 2008 came along and I voted for the very first time (via an absentee ballot) for a Palin/ McCain ticket. Yes, you heard me right a PALIN/ McCain ticket.

And, to keep this short, I plan on voting for Palin at the top of the ticket in this next election.


  1. What a great post...she has changed all our lives...she makes you feel if we all stand together...we can make America that shinning city on the him...because "we are the people"...

  2. Right On Jelayne!! She's captivated us all!!