Friday, August 12, 2011

UPDATED: Governor Palin Spotted and Swarmed at the Iowa State Fair

Governor Palin is visiting the Iowa State Fair today as speculation about a possible presidential bid continues to mount.

Palin came, in black Suburbans, to the cattle barn as Rick Santorum was speaking on the fair soap box and Tim Pawlenty was grilling pork on a stick. She was immediately surrounded by a crowd of reporters and fairgoers.

Governor Palin and her family inspected cattle at the fair while journalists crowded barn walkways as Palin toured fair exhibits.

UPDATED: Pictures from the Iowa State Fair.


  1. don't underestimate this woman. She stands for everything I want as a leader- integrity, honesty and fortitude. Not perfect but evolving to a woman of great substance. As Bo has thrown israel under the bus, Palin established a relationship w Israel. She is what this country is about.

  2. It is wonderful to see Sarah Palin in Iowa! You have to love the 4 H and craft exhibits that are the hallmark of all state fairs! I can't imagine the current POTUS going anywhere near the life-stock, the greased pig contest, or even being in the same building with a sheep! Things are heating up in the Middle East as I know they are in the mid-West; go show the nation the golden heart for which Alaska is so famous. Keeping you and your family in prayers..