Friday, August 5, 2011

Governor Palin: Leading the Fight on Debt with the Record to Prove It

Tonight Governor Palin retweeted Conservatives 4 Palin very own Whitney Pitcher’s tweet regarding Palin’s conservative governing in the state of Alaska.

The original post by Pennsylvania 4 Palin expands on this topic by comparing and contrasting the records of Governor Palin, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Governor Mitt Romney of New Hampshire, and Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah—in dealing with state debt and liabilities.

Compared to all other candidates and potential candidates, Governor Palin increased the debt at a much slower rate and reduced total liabilities at a much higher rate than any of her fellow governors.

What I find most interesting about Governor Palin retweeting this tweet is not only the fact that she is showcasing her achievements as Governor but if you read the last sentence it states: “Now is the time for a President who already has “womaned up” and led on a state level and is ready to do the same on a federal level.”

And political pundits continue to assert Governor Palin’s disinterest in the 2012 election? How funny.

H/T: Little Blog on the Prairie.

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  1. "It's a matter of public record I did not go to Harvard but I can add" Sarah Palin.