Monday, August 1, 2011

Governor Palin on Greta: Tea Party Getting Used to Being Called Names

Tonight Governor Palin spoke with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren about the 'great debt debate' and Joe Biden’s comments regarding the Tea Party.

Palin called Vice President Joe Biden's remarks on the tea party "quite vile." Palin went on to say, "independent patriots who happen to be believers in tea party principles are getting kind of used to being called names."

She continued, "Perhaps some of these talking heads and liberal politicians, perhaps they thought [tea party congressmen] were going to be just typical politicians who get into office and they change their stripes… It should not come as any surprise when they're sticking to their principles," she said.

However, she voiced discontentment with the concessions made to the president, and blasted the Republican Congressional leadership: "What happened to the pledge that our Congress has made to America, saying they would post bills online three days before they voted on them?" she said. "They've already broken that pledge, and doggone it, that's what makes us disappointed in politicians in Washington, D.C."