Friday, August 19, 2011

The Tide Waits for No One

Guest submission by: Del Parker

“John Smith’s” excellent analysis two days ago, all but gave away the launch codes, while expressing a view of the truth of Sarah Palin, perhaps from as valuable a perspective as that of Stephen Bannon in The Undefeated.  Both “John Smith” and Stephen Bannon, each in his own way, used Sarah Palin’s quote about  “…a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why the ship was built.”  This was the chosen metaphor for the timing and launch of Sarah Palin’s Alaska Gubernatorial Campaign and for her 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Governor Palin’s interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Thursday is noteworthy for its timing and substance.  Megyn Kelly in her red dress, interviewing Sarah Palin in her ‘redder’ red dress, and wearing a lapel pin of the crossed flags of the U.S. and Israel, reminds me of the coming launch of that ship. Every word to me is water slapping against the hull.

Now, these sailing ships of old go out on a tide that waits for no one.  All the preparation and stores and training and personnel come together, and it is finished, and the ship sets sail.  As the timeline to launch shortens, many things get done quickly and efficiently, as there are other things that need tending to, friendships sealed, orders given, and all must be complete and ready.

There was the two-week timing of the aftermath of the Iowa Ames Straw Poll and the realization by Michele Bachmann and her supporters, that the Ames victory was not the gold medal they longed for.  Governor Palin had spent no resources, but drew alongside fully prepared and loaded, with adoring crowds at Ames, of the same fervor, as those that would be wishing their favorite sailor well, now that the time for launch was … imminent.

There was the fortuitously coinciding two-week post Ames timing, allowing for the vetting of the newest presidential contender, Gov. Rick “Algore” Perry, during which GOP Mitt “Finger in the Wind” Romney would finally become engaged, and take a stand on … something.   And there was the need for consensus to build that even Perry would take out Romney.  And the GOP alarm bells would then be tolling for others to join, all the while, time shortened and resources and money and name familiarity and organization screamed of despair and desolation, and being unprepared and unsuited to prevail.

And in the midst of all this preparation, Captain Sarah Palin, in her red dress, and crossed flags of Israel and the U.S. lapel pin, coffee cup in hand, takes the time to come out on deck, to lay hold and claim the leadership of the women’s movement:

“… I dismiss Gloria Steinham …”

“I think Gloria had had her day and her rhetoric, its over, its very passé and people like Bachmann and me and millions other women, we work inside and outside the home …we run businesses, we run for office, we put others before self, we desire to serve something greater than self in order to make the world a better place. Megyn, you do the same thing.  We ARE the women’s movement.  We illustrate equality and empowerment of other women.”

Thursday’s date was one that may well be taught in future history books, Aug 18, 2011.  The day the torch of leadership of the women’s movement passed to Sarah Louise Palin.  And notice Sarah rechristens it, as of old, “the Women’s Movement,” and no more “the Feminist Movement.”

And I look again at the calendar.  Yes, this is a week and a day before Aug 26, the 91st anniversary of the 19th Amendment becoming law: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex ….”

And I love the Constitution and this wording, as it is written as a right that was always there, as if in the beginning, in these United States of America, and it may not be abridged.  And Captain Palin has summoned all to hear.

And I look again at the calendar.  And the 26th is also the 2nd day of the start of the Alaska State Fair, when things really get going, and it happens to be a Friday when a certain radio show is on, and a certain phone line is always open for the only call that matters.

And even though Sarah Palin promised to go to the September 3rd Iowa Restoring America Tea Party event, as an “unannounced” candidate, one has to actually file papers later to be “officially” announced. Paper will follow.  And check, two weeks of vetting for Rick “Algore” Perry.  And check, two weeks of watching RINO GOP “Finger in the Wind” Romney take Perry’s broadsides.

So we are a week out, perhaps, and the final projects and tasks are being tended to, and all made ready, for this ship to sail, for she was never built to remain safe in port.

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